2016 Convention / English


Friends of Quebec porcelain painters and the public in general are invited to come and visit us and to discover the magnificent painted pieces by our members and our guests  displayed in the exhibited room at the McGill New Residence Hotel situated at 3625 Park Avenue.

Opening hours :

Thursday, May 26 from 9 :00 am to 5 :00 pm

Friday, May 27 from 10 :00 am to 8 :30 pm

Saturday, May 28th 9:00 till noon

Entrance fees : $10.00







Please find the documents to fill below…..

We are pleased to be the host of the biennial Convention of the association of Porcelain Painters of Canada Inc. to be held in Montreal,  from Monday May 23 to Saturday, May 28, 2016 at the new residence hall of McGill University which was the host of our 2008 Convention and loved by all for its proximity to downtown and Old Montreal.

We would like to invite all painters around the world to join us to celebrate this event which promises to be warm and very informative by the number of classes offered. We also want to invite a selected public to discover this wonderful art that is ours.

  • For the first time, the first three days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be devoted to workshops. At of this date, December 12th 2015, some workshops are now SOLD OUT. To know which ones are available, check the workshop schedule here below.
  • Wednesday night will be a very special evening with first a cocktail, buffet and then the opportunity to make purchases in advance because the booths will be open until 21h00. Tickets for this event must be purchased in advance at registration.
  • Thursday morning will be the official opening at 9 am and will begin with a series of demonstrations by famous teachers who will honor us with their presence. Thursday night, we will offer you the opportunity to visit Montreal by bus, and you will be able to eat on the spot by purchasing in advance a delicious lunch box which will be delivered on the bus.
  • Friday morning you can buy your breakfast and attend the meeting of the President of P.A.C. Inc. from 8:00 to 9:00. Then members of P.A.C. Inc. will be invited to attend the biennial general meeting strictly for our members. Friday night will be a day devoted to a selected public who will have the opportunity to admire the porcelains painted by Canadian and International artists as well as to make purchases if they wish.
  • Saturday, the booths will be open until 12:00. The dismantling will be done immediately after and this until 14:00. The banquet will begin with cocktails at 6:00 and will last until 23:00 with an auction and entertainment.
  • Sunday, a day tour will be offered to all those who wish to visit the beautiful Quebec city. Bus will pick you up early morning at the hotel and will bring you back late in the evening. Check Tour for detail here below.

This Convention will also be a wonderful opportunity to visit Montreal and surroundings and the beautiful cities: Quebec city and Ottawa.

«Please take note that during the convention neither the guild l’Association des décorateurs de porcelaine du Québec and nor the hotel New Residence McGill will be responsible for personal equipment such as white or painted porcelain pieces and/or other equipment.»

For more information please follow the links below

Registration form

Booth Contract

Exhibit display Form

Contest entry form

Contest rules

Workshop schedule

Demonstrations schedule

Schedule of Events 

Convention Activities

Featured Artists


Airport Shuttle

Taxis from YUL Airport

Room Accommodation

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You will have a chance to tour Old Montreal on a double deck bus if weather permits, or to take an Amphi-bus and tour Montreal on the St Lawrence river, or to go to Mont-Tremblant, or visit the beautiful cities of Ottawa and Quebec.

Our responsible person, Danielle Bougoin, is working hard to bring you the best options for your great enjoyment.

Montreal Amphi-Bus Guided Tours


The adventure begins in the streets of Montreal, then it continues on the St-Lawrence River.  The Amphi-Bus is a vehicle which offers an open outlook on Montreal and on the river.  Sometimes on the road, sometimes on the water, this boat/bus will take you to a guided tour from the cobblestone streets in Old Montreal to the roaring rapids of the St-Lawrence river.

Discover Montreal on trolley, double decker or motor coach luxury bus 

Visit Montreal in a unique way by hopping on and off a London-Style double decker bus.  Gray Line will help you discover Montreal’s rich history and culture as being interesting and diversified.

Discover Quebec city on a motor coach bus: a full day tour



Discover the Laurentians and the village/station Mont-Tremblant


The Laurentians are a large range of Quebec mountains and one of the oldest geological formation in the world.  They have ended their formation about thousands of years ago.

Mont-Tremblant : Whether you are coming to Tremblant for its majestic ski mountain with a breathtaking view on the Laurentians or to live the ultimate experience on two of the best public golf courses in Quebec, you will be delighted by the warmth and authenticity of our unique four season global destination.

Discover Ottawa


In December 31, 1857, Ottawa was chosen capital of United-Canada province by Queen Victoria.  It was chosen because of its geographical location on the border between Upper-Canada and Lower-Canada (in order not to favour neither the English-speaking people and the French-speaking people) and also to keep one’s distance from the U.S.A. border, protecting Ottawa from a possible american attack.


2 thoughts on “2016 Convention / English

  1. Hi Sol, I notice that information for the workshops has not been on the English website for a few weeks but is on the French site.
    Hope you had a good Christmas
    Regards. Meg Osborne

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