Montreal Convention Photos 2008

These are some of the Montreal 2008 Convention old photos. To view them a bit larger, click on them. Enjoy!!

Waiting for opening


Joerg Kugelmeier’s fans, 7 years younger!!


Sol Labos Brien’s booth, 7 years younger!!

convention 087

Louise Savard, 2008 Convention Chair, Jeanne Morin.

soirée gala - 31.5.08 - 004

Ah…. Myriam…. we miss you!!

Sol Labos Brien having a great laugh at her demo on the Cockatoo in one fire

Sol Labos Brien having a good laugh at her demo, 7 years younger!!!


Atelier de Bercy’s booth

the final touches

Setting up booths



Filipe having a good laugh

Filipe enjoying his demo!!

Joerg Kugelmeier from Germany giving a demo on chinoiserie New Project 06 waiting for opening day


Early shoppers!!! Joan Burton forefront.



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